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Sensual Massage for Women

Sensual massage is the use of hands to stimulate and highlight the sense of touch . It is a way to simultaneously relax and excite. 


Sensual Massage details:

Duration: Approx 1hour

Incall or Mobile
Performed with warmed oils, full body massage, very sensual.

Sensual Massage for women is a wonderful fusion of destressing and massage,
I am trained to itec qualification, and have been practising and performing sensual
massages for over 6 years now.
I am very fit, toned and am 5 11 tall. I am told I have a lovely back, and bum, and am
smooth all over.
I travel the whole of the uk, so please get in touch to chat, book or ask anything you
For any specific requirements, then please just email, text or call
These appointments are for women only

Sensual massage details:

Approx 1 hr relaxing and stimulating 'me' time

Telephone / Text: 077598 659 057

From £60

woman being massaged

Sensual Massage Review & Testimonial

Thank you so much for lovely treat this afternoon. I feel feminine, relaxed and glowing.
I had no idea what to expect today, and I couldn’t have imagined anyway! My body felt completely looked after and I felt I was in the hands of a total expert!

I had no idea another persons touch could make me feel like that, and I have no idea how you did what you did, but blew my mind (and body). I felt completely taken away in a place of bliss and ecstasy. Your hands and your energy felt wonderful and where I normally am concerned with the other person enjoying themselves above my own needs, I felt you were enjoying it completely as well which made me relax more and just enjoy the moment and let myself be carried away

I have never had another persons hands make me orgasm so that is a first for me (at 43 years old!) and a very special thing for me to overcome. I think it took me by surprise. I expected to feel lovely, which I did but did not expect to orgasm and was so wrapped up in just the loveliness of it all you built it up just right and sensed my “moment” before I did, or maybe you took me on a journey (?) which was really quite amazing. Just when the hint of feeling of holding back started to arise (that usually stops me orgasm'ing probably), you took me back into bliss world again and I could not resist :-)

(Louise, London)

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