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Sensual Body to Body Massage For Women

Indulge in a Sensual Body to Body Massage for Women


" Wow
Truly an experience i will be returning too. I was a little nervous, however when J arrived at my home, and gave me simply the most amazing and erotic massage i have nerves just vanished, and was replaced by excitement"


What is a body to body massage

A body to body massage, also known as a B2B massage, is a type of sensual massage for women where I will use my body to massage your entire body. During a B2B massage, I will typically use my hands, forearms, and even my whole body to apply pressure and stimulate various parts of the recipient's body. I will always use massage oils or lotions to create a smooth and slippery surface on both my body, and yours.

Depending on your wishes.  I may also use other props, such as feathers or silk ties, to enhance the sensation. The massage will be performed with you lying face down to begin with, and then face up, depending on your preference. I will always start by using my hands and gradually incorporate other parts of my body as the massage progresses. A body to body massage can be a highly sensual and intimate experience, and it is often used as a way to enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy. 


Body to Body Massage details:

Duration: minimum 1 - 1.5 hours

Warmed oil Massage
body to body contact, intimate, sensual and stimulating

Body to body massage for women is an intimate, exciting and stimulating massage treatment, This massage is performed with warmed oils drizzled over the your entire body to enhance the massage, focusing firstly on your lower back, legs, bums and thighs before asking you to turn over and the experience is repeated, drizzling oil over your breasts and focusing on your lower body. Warmed oil is then drizzled across my body and used to slide and glide across your entire body creating a very stimulating sensual massage


Body 2 Body Massage details:

This massage is designed to completely relax you.
This service is for women only, and one you wont forget

Telephone / Text: 07936 543 347

Duration: 1-1.5hrs

From: £70

When you receive your body-to-body massage you should focus on the reasons -Its because you deserve to feel like a woman - wanted and desired. A full-body massage relieves tension from stress and in the muscles while also stimulating your mood. In a body-to-body massage, I will use my entire body to give your body a thorough massage. As implied by the name, I will apply pressure on certain parts of your body to create a pleasurable sensation.

This massage, is actually an sensual style of massage intended to enhance the sensuality of the recipient. I provide this service expertly and can be found in London, and across Hertfordshire

"I have never had another persons hands make me orgasm so that is a first for me (at 43 years old!) and a very special thing for me to overcome. I think it took me by surprise. I expected to feel lovely, which I did but did not expect to orgasm and was so wrapped up in just the loveliness of it all you built it up just right and sensed my “moment” before I did, or maybe you took me on a journey (?) which was really quite amazing. Just when the hint of feeling of holding back started to arise (that usually stops me orgasm'ing probably), you took me back into bliss world again and I could not resist :-)

(Louise, London)

Incall or mobile 


a sensual massage for woman
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