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Frequently asked questions about Sensual Massage 

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What Is Sensual Massage?

This question can be somewhat intriguing because, by its very nature, all massages possess a certain degree of sensuality. However, when you experience a sensual massage with me, it combines the art of bodywork with sensual and erotic touch, all within the boundaries you define. The aim is to intentionally awaken your body, often leading to an orgasmic experience. My massages take place in a comfortable and safe environment, or at your home or hotel, encouraging you to embrace intimacy and arousal as natural human behaviors. 

Is Sensual Massage a Legitimate Massage?

At Sensual Massage for women, we offer genuine full-body massages. We provide a range of treatments, including the Relax treatment, which excludes any erotic content. As you progress to the Explore and Adventure treatments, you'll experience increasing levels of sensual and erotic touch tailored to your specific preferences. We offer a dynamic and personalised experience to ensure your satisfaction.

What Are the Benefits of Sensual Massage?

Numerous studies have demonstrated the positive effects of human touch on both mental and physical well-being. Beyond its physical therapy benefits and pleasure, massage is fundamentally a means of human connection. It can reduce heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure while boosting oxytocin production and reducing adrenaline and cortisol levels, facilitating deep relaxation. Long-term benefits include improved immune response, enhanced mental abilities, and increased well-being. These benefits are most profound when the massage takes place in a calm, safe, and trusting environment.

Sensual Massage vs. Tantric Massage - Are They the Same?

Sensual massage and Tantric massage share common elements as they provide a space to explore your sexual and sensual energies safely. While our massages incorporate elements similar to Tantric massage and Yoni massage, our approach is more humanistic, focusing on sensuality and arousal rather than spiritual aspects like meditation or ritual. We aim to reconnect you with your deepest feelings of intimacy and sensuality.

Why Do Women Book Sensual Massages?

Women often book sensual massages for various reasons beyond the erotic experience. Our treatments offer relaxation, well-being, and a release, allowing you to prioritize your own needs and satisfaction in a safe and controlled environment. Some common reasons for booking include stress relief, difficulty reaching orgasm, curiosity, lack of sexual stimulation in a relationship, increased libido, and more.

What Type of Clients Visit?

We welcome female clients from diverse backgrounds, regardless of age, body type, ethnicity, or religion. While most clients are aged between 25 and 65, we are open to clients both younger and older, provided they are at least 18 years old.

Where Are You Located?

I operate from a private and discreet location In Hertfordshire, 20 mins on train from Kings cross, or just off the A1. This location offers secure parking 

What Are Your Opening Times?

I'm available for appointments daily, seven days a week, between 9 AM and 11 PM. Special arrangements for different times can be made by request.

Are Your Reviews Genuine?

All the reviews you see are authentic and collected from external, independent sources, which are linked back to the originals. Platforms like Trustpilot, where most of the reviews are found, rigorously monitor and verify their reviews to ensure authenticity.

Will I See Anyone Else When Visiting?

During your visit, you will only interact with me, and I schedule appointments with a minimum of 30 minutes between them to maintain your privacy.

What Does the Treatment Look Like?

Our treatment room is designed to create a relaxed atmosphere with dim lighting, candles, and soothing music.

Do I Need to Bring Anything With Me?

We provide towels and toiletries for your convenience. However, if you have preferred toiletries or wish to bring your own, please feel free to do so.

Is There Anything I Need for 'Visit You' Options?

When we visit you, we bring a treatment table, oils, and other accessories. We ask that you provide towels, adjust the room temperature slightly higher, and create an ambiance with dimmed lights and candles. You can also play your relaxing music if you prefer.

What Type of Massage Oil Do You Use?

We use unscented grape seed, almond, or fractionated coconut oil. If you have specific preferences or allergies, please let us know, and we'll accommodate your needs.

What Should I Do Before a Sensual Massage?

Before your massage, take a warm bath or shower, remove jewellery, and avoid excessive stimulants. A glass of wine is fine for relaxation, but excessive alcohol or drugs are discouraged.

What Should I Do After a Sensual Massage?

After your massage, stay hydrated by drinking water, have a light snack, and take it easy. Welcome any emotional release that may occur and consider booking your next massage.

Can I Book for Someone Else, and Can It Be a Surprise?

While you can book for someone else, the person receiving the massage must complete a request form to ensure consent. The nature of the massage cannot be a surprise due to the importance of consent.

Will the Masseur Be Naked?

The choice of whether the masseur is naked or clothed is entirely yours. You can specify your preference in the request form after booking.

Can I Touch the Masseur?

You are welcome to touch the masseur, but there is no expectation or obligation

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