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Frequently asked questions about Sensual Massage 

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What happens during a sensual breast massage ?

Tantrists beleive a woman’s energy is highly concentrated in the breasts. Wearing bras and tight fitting clothes can constrict this energy, so a breast massage can therefore improve the circulation of this energy, and improve sensuality, reduce build up of toxins and hormones, keep them lovely and toned, and be very healing and nurturing for a woman.


Keep in Mind:

Breast Massage techniques can vary depending on the size , shape and sensitity of woman. As this area is delicate – it is important to always begin with a gentle touch, increasing pressure should she prefer this. An agressive, heavy handed approach – is not at all advisable unless you would like a slap across the face.

How to Give a Sensual Breast Massage

It is recommended to only begin breast massage – following a body massage – as this ensures that she is relaxed .Ensure that the rest of her body is covered, and that she is warm and comfortable. Start by sprinkly natural / pure cold pressed oil (almond, sesame, olive – minerals oils and scented oils are not recommended), over the breast area and some over your hands. Start at the nipple and move in circles (clockwise and anticlockwise) out towards the arm pit.

Breast massage is not only pleasureable and nurturing it is also very erotic. So make this an important part of foreplay, or simple a special gift in it’s self.

Can I touch while receiving a sensual massage








I often get asked whether it is ok to touch the masseuse while they are performing the sensual massage or the tantric massage. I always say that you should experiment with totally letting go and touching if you want to. You may be pleasantly surprised. This is all part of the sensual massage and the stirring of emotion and  energy within you can be more powerful than you expect if you let yourself go.

So in summary, if you are receiving a sensual massage and you feel you would like to touch me, the masseuse, you will be allowed to do so sensitively and with respect, and enjoy the experience.

Whats the difference between normal massage and a sensual massage

A normal massage typically focuses on easing muscle tension, increasing circulation, and promoting relaxation. The primary goal of a normal massage is to provide physical relief and therapeutic benefits to the body.

On the other hand, a sensual massage focuses on creating an intimate and erotic experience that stimulates both the body and the mind. It typically involves the use of soft, gentle touches, and may also incorporate elements of aromatherapy, music, and other sensory stimuli to enhance the experience.

While a normal massage can be performed on any part of the body, a sensual massage is typically more focused on erogenous zones, such as the neck, ears, inner thighs, and genitals.

It's important to note that sensual massage is often associated with erotic or sexual activity, but it does not necessarily involve sexual intercourse or orgasm. The focus is on creating a sensual and intimate experience that allows both partners to connect and experience pleasure in a non-judgmental and consensual way.

Whats the difference between Sensual Massage and Erotic massage?

Sensual massage for women, can be both sensual and erotic, depending on many things including, the massause, the enviroment and the women being massaged.

The Sensual massage is the use (mainly) of delivering massage by the hands to help enhance or raise sexual arousal. This massage technique is incredibly relaxing and exciting for the woman, and can result in her feeling on a high.

The difference between the erotic massage and the sensual massage is to do with how the massage is applied. The erotic massage can be delivered with a combination of using the hands, body or mouth, which can end up easily achieving orgasm through stimulation.

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